America’s Good Eating Expert!™

You’re in for a real treat! Alice will show your audience how to make decisions and choices that improve their lives. She’ll offer unique, simple solutions and tell stories that you’ll never forget. She will inspire confidence, hope and change She’s an expert with a proven track record – as a victor, psychotherapist, and dietitian in the real world. She’ll help you answer, “Are you worth the choice? Would you like to crave something more than food? Like self-worth, self-love, self-acceptance? Alice will show you how to do it. TAKE A BITE OF THE GOOD LIFE! Be your best self on the inside and beat the binge on the outside.

Alice Baland is a speaker, psychotherapist, dietitian, hypnotherapist, entrepreneur, third generation author and adventurer! She has been interviewed by CNN, CBS, ABC and NBC, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today to name a few. She is a former spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association and national food companies, reaching millions of Americans with her nutrition, health, and life balance messages coast-to-coast. Add to her portfolio backpacker, distance cyclist, world traveler, scuba diver, dancer, horsewoman, weight lifter, culinary specialist and trauma survivor and you’ve got the recipe for a special speaker for your event.

Alice has consulted with corporations, executives, universities, restaurants, the medical community, chefs, families, couples, individuals, sports and wellness groups and the media.

She is Past President of AMPHA (American Psychological and Hypnosis Association). Alice was named Nutrition Entrepreneur of the Year for her volunteerism, entrepreneurial spirit, creative ideas, and innovative practice for the Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetic Practice Group of the 70,000 member American Dietetic Association.

Alice is a leading authority on how to permanently overcome weight concerns, eating disorders, anxiety, adversity, life’s stressors, and body loathing and instead create a balanced, productive, energized and fun life where food is not a struggle so you can EAT UP THE GOOD LIFE!™ She is your “go-to” advisor and your long-term solution for struggles with your relationship with food, eating and life.

Call Alice’s office to discuss how to schedule her program at your event! LAUGH, LEARN AND BUILD YOUR BEST SELF!