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Core Values

What are core values? They are the personal standards by which we live and treat others for the betterment of all.

Honesty – Being truthful with yourself and others creates a more wholesome you. Your outer mask melts so you can just be YOU. No need to be a perfectionist, because that sets up intense pressure to fail. Instead, be the REAL you, unique in every way.

Optimism – Attitude is the single most important life success criteria. Resolve never to give up. You’ll MAKE it better! When asked how he is, my dad likes to say, “Every day’s Christmas!”

Love – When you love yourself and love others, you gain an inner peace that can’t be matched. With love, anything is possible.

Encouragement – Everyone of us needs a hand to lift us up at times so we can be and do more. Encourage yourself AND others.

Self-Reliance – You are responsible for your own thoughts, words and actions. This gives you the greatest freedom you could possibly have. What that means is that you get to be in charge of your own life. If you don’t like it, you can change it!

Wholeness – How do you become whole? Design and balance your Inner Life and your Outer Life, your wants and needs. Give daily nourishment to the important areas of your life: spirituality, health, personal, relationship, professional, financial, and travel.

Adventure – Take a calculated risk to stretch yourself beyond your current boundaries. It’s exciting and a little scary at the same time, yet what feelings, memories and skills you will test and improve. Be an Adventurer!

Individuality – When you focus on what makes you special, unique and unforgettable, your individuality will shine. How can you not love and respect yourself and others even more? Notice all the colors in a rainbow, each one an individual, yet blended in purpose to create a work of art and pleasure.

Cooperation – This is the culmination of all your brightest skills and talents. Using your creativity, persistence, and love, you have the opportunity to create the spirit of cooperation in your personal circle and the greater world.

These are only the beginning of a perpetual list of values that contribute to one’s inner and outer strength. Think about these. Ponder your own. What would you like to achieve? Perhaps a happier relationship with yourself, others, food and eating. Lay the foundation for a grand and fulfilling life with your core values!