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“Alice Baland is like having a professional nutritionist, psychologist, coach and spiritual wise-woman wrapped into one caring heart for anyone needing a boost of motivation toward healthy habits.”

Francie White, MS, RD, Central Coast IOP (Intensive Outpatient Clinic), Santa Barbara, CA

“Alice Baland is the perfect antidote for today’s toxic preoccupation with weight and food prescriptions! I love her integration of Inner and Outer Influences and her fresh creative tools like the Earth Suit concept, the Daily Date and the Fabulous Food Groups. Her upbeat and reassuring voice can empower your audience to great things!” Philadelphia and San Francisco. Randy Rolfe, Family Therapist and Author of You Can Postpone Anything but Love

Alice Baland’s joy-filled enthusiasm for The Good Life is infectious. As both psychotherapist and dietitian, she provides provocative questions for exploring inner hungers with curiosity rather than judgment, personal stories that are encouraging and supportive, plus practical skills for creating a life that is rich, meaningful and nourishing. She is an excellent speaker for those seeking to change their relationships with food and eating and for those seeking more joy and fulfillment.” Anita Johnston, PhD, Author, Eating in the Light of the Moon

“Alice showed me how to recognize that every time I eat when I’m not hungry, I’m using food, not for nutrition, but as something else: a soother, a pain-killer, a remedy for fear, anxiety or boredom. Now I know what to do instead of overeat and I am satisfied.” Priscilla

“Alice, thanks for showing me how to address stressors in my life so I can stop using food as a source of relief. And you showed me how to accept myself and treat myself well. When my needs are met, I don’t need to eat to fill a void.” Karen, Dallas, Texas.

Alice, a great thing I’ve learned from you is that it’s easy NOT to binge when I’m prepared and organized with the right foods, meals and snacks. You also helped me with reassuring messages to override the negative ones I used to use. An important message for me is DO NOT SETTLE! I used to be intimidated by others I thought were better than me.” Rachel

“Alice Baland, an exceptionally skilled and nationally recognized dietitian and therapist, explains, teaches and coaches you to make those simple changes that can transform your health and your life. Incorporating examples from her vast clinical experience plus personal stories of her own life, Alice shows you the steps to healthy eating that are pleasurable and guilt-free. The joy that Alice has for her work shines through.” Caroline A. Wadlin MD A Woman’s Guide to Balancing Life in Today’s Fast Paced World