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1. TAKE A BITE! Beat the Binge and Build Your Best Self!

Under the layers of weight, abuse, shame, guilt, body loathing and not feeling good enough, your best self is still inside. How do you gain more confidence, self-worth, emotional skills and inner peace? Give Alice 90 minutes and your audience will discover how, plus these tasty morsels besides:

  • Powerful, proven methods to change your Inner Life and your Outer Life
  • How to NOT deprive yourself, but TAKE A BITE OF THE GOOD LIFE!™
  • Red flags and triggers that are poison to your body
  • What determines your thoughts, how to find your CORE beliefs and how to change them – permanently
  • Savvy skills to stop hunger and food cravings
  • Relaxing, easy, quick ways to SELF-SOOTHE, reduce anxiety and stress
  • The ability to have more energy, excitement and enthusiasm for yourself and your life
  • Ways to be more likable, more of a STAR than you already are!
  • The ability to be proud of yourself – more than ever before OR back to your glory days
  • How to enjoy healthier relationships with those important to you – your mom, your dad, your friends, your significant others
  • Alice’s personal 3D Formula [You DESIRE IT, You DESERVE IT, You’re DETERMINED TO GET IT!]

Beat the Binge is about overcoming addictive, destructive behaviors. Build Your Best Self is about rebuilding mind and body skills and attitudes. As a VICTOR and psychotherapist, Alice has the tools, experience, and training to help you reprogram the way that you think about yourself and your life.


Our country is obsessed with dieting, yet obesity, eating disorders, anxiety and depression are skyrocketing. Your bottom line personally, professionally, and business-wise are affected by these issues. Designed for anyone with stress and the 99% of eaters who are fed up with diet and weight struggles. Ask Alice to show your group how to identify core issues and overcome obstacles that prevent truly enjoying The Good Life. Discover simple solutions to apply right away!

Your audience will:

  • Discover savvy solutions that really work without deprivation, restriction or boredom.
  • Discover: how to EAT UP THE GOOD LIFE!™ with Savvy Skills for Pleasurable, Guilt-Free Eating & Living! Alice will choose several appropriate ideas and skills from over 65 in her book just for your group.
  • Have more fun, energy and health while balancing fun foods with healthy foods.
  • Know the best basics for managing weight, anxiety and stress. Have more fun, energy, health, life balance!


Seven keys to determine and treating weight and eating disorders for college students

Although one in four college women have struggled with an eating disorder, and more men are succumbing every year, you can break the cycle with knowledge, power and a personal game plan to protect your inner and outer sanctity. Love your body, love yourself again!

Your audience will:

  • Discover seven keys to prevent and treat weight and eating disorders, plus annihilate anxiety.
  • Find new ways to protect and empower their relationship with food, eating and body image.
  • Enjoy college, friends and food while putting the true demons of dieting, bingeing and restricting in their place.
  • Come alive and BE STRONG!


Top Tips for Healthy Students – Weight, Esteem & Intelligence

How would you like your students and children to enjoy a healthy weight, good nutrition, prevent illness, learn more, make better grades, have more energy and build the body basics for a successful life? You can! ASK ALICE to show your students, staff and parents the secret, simple steps for nutrition and life success!

Your audience will:

  • Discover at least 3 reasons why nutrition is the simple, yet essential tool for a healthy mind, body and spirit
  • Learn how to choose and enjoy a nutrition plan that will fast forward them to healthy, energy, esteem and greater intelligence
  • Achieve a healthy weight and body fat; be fit, not fat; plus prevent chronic diseases that begin in youth, yet are preventable (like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and more)
  • Discover how one’s Inner Life and Outer Life affects their ability to make good choices and be self-reliant
  • Increase awareness of the effects of advertising and media on one’s subconscious thoughts, food and lifestyle choices and what to do about it
  • Build barriers to protect themselves from temptation and taunting
  • Have more energy directed at enjoying good, lasting goals and dreams in life!

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