From Cowgirl to Crusader, Part 3

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“If you don’t have a good mentor now, you’ll hate yourself later!”

What can you do to get ahead and build your best self?

Mama made the BEST from-scratch pies, cakes, cookies, brownies, Swedish tea rings, fudge and other sweets. However, these were mostly for weekends or special occasions like birthdays. We enjoyed these without guilt. She also prepared the best everything – that included BBQ beef patties, fish, chicken, pinto beans, salads, whole grains, and plenty of vegetables, such as homegrown tomatoes, green beans and onions. We loved it all (except I didn’t like liver and beets then).

My dad (I called him “BILL” for a while like Mama did) was the Master Complimenter of all time and we learned gratitude from him. After every single meal he would say to mom, “Pat, that was the best meal you’ve ever made!´ We would rush to say the same, with big smiles on our faces and she would just beam with love. Mealtimes were happy, fun and nourishing on every level. We learned to help out in small ways, like make a green salad, set the table or wash the dishes. Today most of my clients rarely have even one meal a week together!

Who are the bad guys in our world today? My audiences and clients struggle with restricting, bingeing, low self esteem, not feeling good enough, weight and eating disorders, obesity, addictions, food misinformation, not knowing how or what to cook, stress, anxiety, trauma and depression. I show them how to fight back and win! I also fight off the bad guys of misguided marketing, damaging media messages, out-of-date core beliefs, lack of motivation, and hurtful family messages to name a few. I want everyone to grow in strength.

My lifelong CRUSADE is to show others how to BEAT THE BINGE AND BUILD A BETTER SELF, a confident, healthy, loving self. I want to share my love and knowledge of food, nutrition, eating, and life with YOU, reaching as many people, MILLIONS I hope, with the critical message of how to be self-reliant, improve your health, life and relationships, and enjoy all kinds of foods with pleasure and without guilt. Anyone can learn to eat what’s right for their own body and lifestyle without trying to please someone else. It’s a matter of education and choice. That’s why I speak, counsel and wrote my book EAT UP THE GOOD LIFE!™ Savvy Skills for Pleasurable, Guilt-Free Eating & Living. I offer fabulous, Simple Solutions to these life problems that can make a big difference in becoming a stronger person—inside and out. FOOD is GOOD!

As I reflect back with joy, I can see clearly now how I evolved from COWGIRLTO CRUSADER!

Showing you how to eat with gusto and live confidently and healthfully is my passion and my mission in life! And I still wear my cowboy hat, boots and jeans every chance I get. Just ask my neighbors, friends and family.

Now I’d like to invite you to have me speak for your groups, universities, associations and businesses. I’ll have your audience LAUGH, LEARN and BUILD THEIR BEST SELVES as they step toward positive and lasting change! Brainstorm who you know and have them call me soon. OK?

Ask Alice to speak to your group by going to: or calling 469-737-5455. I travel nationwide and locally in Dallas/Plano and Allen. Learn how to get 50-100 FREE BOOKS when you book me! If you can’t wait, go to the Success Store at (plus I have a great, effective lose weight with hypnosis instant audio download). For more services, such as in-person therapy, nationwide phone coaching, teleclasses and books go to and You can register and receive three free gifts, check out my weekly BLOG and help yourself and your family. Spread the word please. Talk soon! Alice


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